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The BEST and Most Reliable Greater Atlanta Nanny Agency

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Why Choose Best in Class Nanny?
Best in Class Greater Atlanta Nanny Agency is not your typical Atlanta nanny service. We provide pre-screened, trained and certified child care at a quality level far beyond what you would get from a mere employment service. Our standards are based on the European model of professionalism. We serve Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities.

We are not operating a “do it yourself” internet nanny service. We recommend a nanny to you after we have personally evaluated the candidate, provided professional training and are willing to back the recommendation with a Best in Class Nanny Certification.

Our children are our treasure and we believe they deserve more than mere supervision. Our children deserve care, safety and security. We believe they thrive from educational stimulation as well. When you think of quality childcare Atlanta you will think Best in Class Nanny.

To be a Best in Class Nanny, the candidate must pass a rigorous background check. The potential nanny must then complete our own training and certification program. Not all nanny applicants will earn the Best in Class Nanny Certification. If you are looking for the best possible care for your children without having to wade through unqualified candidates, contact us. We will help you find the perfect fit, the Best in Class Nanny, for your home.

My Story
I decided to leave my career and found this business because of the difficulty I encountered trying to find the best child care for my children. This is my story. I’m a real person, not a corporation. When you call, you’ll talk to a member of our team, not a machine.
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